So who are these guys?

"BlissBliss inhabit a world not filled with easy answers or maudlin emotion. Nor do they offer cliché after musical cliché.

Their music is an original homage to what is the best in R & B, jazz and pop, blues and rock. This entire bag of tricks has emerged into something truly Bliss/full."

~David Bunker (Former A&R/Exec REX Records)

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From our fans

BlissBliss is first class talent all the way!! I love the energy and inspiration of their music!! Awesome tunes!!! ~Donna Lea Corry

I have loved their music and THEM for years! Deep meaningful lyrics with unique grooves that always uplifts and encourages me! Renee is a powerhouse vocalist! I am always looking forward to the next sounds, the next song, the next CD! ~Joni Nichols

Two of the nicest most sincere people you will ever meet. Their songs radiate with me, and bring me to my happy place. ~Rob Moore

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