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On the 3rd project for the duo, their latest EP "3", BlissBliss bring down the house with upbeat, soulful, sophisticated pop; a "blissful" fusion for a modern world! 

  • 5 song EP
  • Includes the song "I'm Coming Through" from the video


    Some quotes from fans:

    "Wanting a full album! I’m just in love with your music... it really touched me in away that I haven’t felt in years! Please keep up the Great Music... y’all have a fan in me and have told everyone about y’all!❤️❤️❤️" Len Stokes

    "Love your stuff guys. How about a full length cd 👌" Trev Dodd

    "Two of the nicest, most sincere people you will ever meet. Their songs radiate with me, and bring me to my happy place." Rob Moore

    "Met this duo today! It was the first time I hear their music. I greatly enjoy their unique music style. Look forward to hearing more." Ameda Colburn

     And Press:


    "We featured the video for their first single, “Right Where you Are,” in our Ten Amazing Videos from November 2018, and were simply floored by the old school R&B/pop smoothness of Renee Garcia and Lang Bliss, aka BlissBliss. Their sound is truly sophisticated and should appeal to music fans of all ages. All five of these songs are killa and deserve to be put on a loop. You’ll want to hear them over and over again. They are jazzy and radio friendly for a myriad of formats." - LA Music Critic.com

    “BlissBliss continues to enchant” - Skope Magazine

    “Infused with groove and smooth vocals.” - Broadway World

    “If you like Swing Out Sister, Steely Dan, Brand New Heavies, Joe Jackson or Sade, then you will love this.” - Talk About Pop Music

    “The couple manifests a glowing positive energy that’s utterly infectious.” - The Voice Magazine